I am always trying to figure out workable ways to garden and forage food in the sort-of harsh climate in the high-elevation Arizona desert. My friends and I have some experience, so there’ll be some tried and true how-tos as well as lots of trial runs, experiments and prototypes up here. I want to focus on taking the blog through the seasons, from planting seeds, growing, harvesting, cooking and preserving. And just because its a blog about growing your own food, it doesn’t mean there won’t be some chocolate cake recipes.

I keep loads of sewing and crafting supplies in the house and inevitably there will be crafting how-tos and show-offs, especially around Halloween *COSTUME* time!

Plus, occasional cross-country skiing or bike riding posts to be sure.

Thanks for your interest! The seedlings are growing great in the January hoop house and its snowy outside.


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