April winter storm


Seriously! I’m ready for the snow to be done! We didn’t get as much moisture as we needed this winter, so I’m thankful overall for the forest’s sake, but I was under the impression the storm was going to come tomorrow, so I’d have an extra day to get ready. But, there is really no point of being mad about things you can’t change…and its pretty beautiful outside. I have some pretty awesome indoor projects, too, so I can keep myself occupied, and tomorrow maybe a cross country ski is in store for me.


I did prepare for the snow in one way. I find that seeds of cool weather crops do even better emerging from a snow melt around here, and since April snows are not freak storms around here I’ve been able to test it a bunch of springs (or the transition times between our northern AZ seasons ‘winterpsringswinterspring’ and ‘something weird with wind’). We shall see. I planted bok choy, daikon radish, carrots, dwarf siberian kale, spinach and purple orach. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orache I also transplanted red russian kale from the hoophouse outside several days ago. Check out the pics from that day further on down. Oh, and I planted malabar spinach in the kale’s spot in the hoophouse. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basella_alba


Here’s the sad pansy…it could bounce back, right…?


Here it is just a few days ago. I got a little over- excited and the warm weather!


Anyway, I had refried beans, corn grits, lacinato kale thinings and avocado for breakfast and I can face any superficial grief about the possibility of crispy brown pansies with grace and poise. I may even be able to face the merino wool sweater that accidentally made it into the dryer. If its tiny, I just can’t change it, so I’ll have to just relax.


Some kale transplants!


Arugula flowers!


Tiny lettuces coming up  in the cracks between walking stones. Thanks for reseeding yourselves!


Baby onions…seeded themselves, too!






Naking cherry bush.


Lovage! Celery taste. So strong! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lovage


More arugula.


Currant bush.


Gooseberry bush.


Obvious spring TULIP! Flashy!


Last fall I transplanted a hundred iris rhizomes from the backyard to the front yard. They are going to go off this year!


Oh, and here’s a bonus pic of the kale harvest before the transplant outside.


Hang on out there little guys! You can do it!

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