Making chappy

Just made a great new salve. The philosophy for this one is very waxy to seal and protect for winter. i collected the pinion pine sap. A friend made some comfrey extract olive oil for me.

I like to try something new each time. No recipe, just figure out a good ratio between the basic oil vs wax mix. Then I just test it. By the end I’m really moisturized and shiny!

Grating the beeswax is the worst!



I save containers all year. Friends donate them or return them from last year for a refill.


Here’s this years ingredient list.


Put it in a pot and melt on low heat.



Then test it and adjust the oil or wax.


Pour into clean containers.




This is my favorite chappy yet. Strong pinion, with notes of orange and cedar!

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3 thoughts on “Making chappy

  1. Lauren says:

    This is neat. Honestly, I never even considered making something like this myself.

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