Dehydrated pinto beans

We cooked loads of pinto beans this weekend. It took two shifts in the pressure cooker. Once the beans were cooked we added onions, garlic, cumin, green chiles and salt and cooked them more in the crock pot. Then we blended them with the immersion blender, and reduced the beans mix to a thick glop that we could spread it on the teflex sheets in the dehydrator. We dehydrated it over night and then put the dehydrated beans in the food processor to powder it. Ready for Paria Canyon trip in a few weeks! And it makes quick meals easy…so much more delicious to make it from scratch than get it from a can.




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3 thoughts on “Dehydrated pinto beans

  1. Brilliant. Thank you so much for that idea. Can’t wait to tell my husband. This is exactly what we need for our overnight hikes. I was trying to justify bringing couscous with dehydrated veggies and just add hot water. This is way better:)

  2. intergenerational says:

    I like reading your posts, I’ve just nominated you for LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD
    ( )
    All the best,

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