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Getting garlic ready for the week





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Blue corn atole


Atole is traditionally served as a drink, but I like to make it a little thicker as a breakfast porridge with hemp seeds mixed in after it’s cooked. It’s about 1 unit of corn to 3 units of water, but I’m always adjusting the ratio as I cook, adding more corn meal or water. I whisk it pretty consistently the whole time it’s cooking, adding a little coconut oil and honey or agave nectar to taste. It takes about 15-20 minutes of cooking on low flame to taste right to me. Cinnamon and other spices are nice but I just like the plain corn flavor. With Yerba mate to drink it’s a fabulous breakfast.

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Live chocolate pie

Om nom nom. Raw chocolate pie. Live coconut cashew whipped “cream”. Nut crust. I made two. There are lots of good recipes out there for vegan raw cream pies. Fear not the Irish moss. Yeah, it’s seaweed, but this is miles beyond any cooked cows mill pudding pie. With this in the fridge you can eat a million vegetables.



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Fresh pineapple coconut smoothie

So delicious. Don’t let anyone tell you health food doesn’t taste good. Oh, the enzymes and the fiber!!!





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Brunch at Coppa Cafe

Sometimes It’s best to have someone else cook and do the dishes. Coppa Cafe in flagstaff is is a great place. The location is understated but very convenient and super cute inside. The food was wonderful – hard cooked eggs on my salad were perfectly done, which is very important to me. So many eggs out there are boiled into a rubbery ball with a green chalky yolk. I am an egg snob.
The folks at Coppa Cafe were not at all snippy about me asking what could be made without meat, which was refreshing. They outlined what changes they could make on most menu items. Its a real bacon culture out there these days! The meat did look high quality and they do use a local source for beef.

My americano- yum!


Ni├žoise salad – hold the brunchy bacon


Baked eggs with a tomato sauce


Parsnip soup with rose, Meyer lemon, and olive olive. So fancy and delicious!


Molten lava cake – didn’t get a shot before we dug in. Delicious!


Taking these photos today has affirmed my New Years resolution to slow down and take time to get the best photo I can with the darn phone. I want to do it justice…

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Juicy weekend

I’ve been under the weather for a week now. I’ve been trying to load up on healing foods.

Heat up juice

Fresh garlic
Fresh ginger root
Fresh turmeric root


This morning I also had a fresh young coconut banana blueberry smoothie.


We save the pulp from the juice and make a corn bread with about equal parts corn meal and juice pulp plus some salt and baking powder. Goes well with black bean green chili soup.



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Plum brandy

In the fall I pick tiny plums from old neglected plum trees from around downtown. This fall I had a bag that I just stuck in the freezer to do something with later. Then, while cleaning the freezer I accidentally left these plums out and they thawed. Since I have a little cough I decided to do something easy with them to enjoy and celebrate with later. Plum brandy! I have loads plum sauce put up already. I’ll soak the plums in brandy for a while then mash the plums with the brandy and soak some more over the course of several weeks and then strain through a very fine cloth. I use a ‘nut milk bag’. I did this last year with both gin and brandy and gave it out and took it as a camp warm up on backpacking trips. No sugar just the plums and liquor. Amazing and fruity!


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Blood orange marmalade

I just made my first 5 gallons of marmalade. 54 oranges and 8 pounds of honey! Someone mentioned trying a smaller batch first and they were probably right, but I feel like that’s doing things twice. My recipe was an experiment so I’ll not outline it step by step. There are other marmalade chefs out there who are more organized than me. I used only honey to sweeten it and I used orange juice for half the water. Just as my first cheese making was, the marmalade pitted me against my dark side, taking forever to cook and not setting up just as I’d have liked. But in the end it was a triumph, tasting awesome on toast. I think it will be a good sauce base for stir fry, too.

That’s the finished product in the jar








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We made these shandies for a summer dinner party with friends. Learn more than you care to know about shandies here

These shandies have blonde wheat beer, orange soda and vodka.


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