Brunch at Coppa Cafe

Sometimes It’s best to have someone else cook and do the dishes. Coppa Cafe in flagstaff is is a great place. The location is understated but very convenient and super cute inside. The food was wonderful – hard cooked eggs on my salad were perfectly done, which is very important to me. So many eggs out there are boiled into a rubbery ball with a green chalky yolk. I am an egg snob.
The folks at Coppa Cafe were not at all snippy about me asking what could be made without meat, which was refreshing. They outlined what changes they could make on most menu items. Its a real bacon culture out there these days! The meat did look high quality and they do use a local source for beef.

My americano- yum!


Niçoise salad – hold the brunchy bacon


Baked eggs with a tomato sauce


Parsnip soup with rose, Meyer lemon, and olive olive. So fancy and delicious!


Molten lava cake – didn’t get a shot before we dug in. Delicious!


Taking these photos today has affirmed my New Years resolution to slow down and take time to get the best photo I can with the darn phone. I want to do it justice…

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