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Laundry greywater

When we moved in there was already a hole in the side of the house where the PVC pipe is coming out. The previous tenants must have done this as well. The washer is right on the other side of the wall, making this a much easier project. On the inside behind the washer the pipe “Ls” up and the regular drain hose is easily clamped to the “L” outside in the spring. The it pours out the pipe end into the bucket. I’m bummed now I didn’t get an action shot!


Then the water flows out the bucket into the hose treadled into place in a hole we cut in the bucket.


We have two 30 ft. lengths of 1.5-2 inch hose tied together with a hose connector to go the distance, but its easily disconnected for closer watering. Oh, and its got to flow downhill somewhat.


And now with the biocompatible laundry soap…

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