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El toro caliente

I made fresh orange juice with some lemon juice also squeezed in. My hand hurts from juicing the billions of oranges – I made nearly a gallon. I believe that they are Valencia oranges and Meyer lemons. Hurray for SoCal family with citrus trees! Added some tequila and made a ‘horny bulls’. The lemon tartness really adds a great effect in the margarita direction.



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Blood orange marmalade

I just made my first 5 gallons of marmalade. 54 oranges and 8 pounds of honey! Someone mentioned trying a smaller batch first and they were probably right, but I feel like that’s doing things twice. My recipe was an experiment so I’ll not outline it step by step. There are other marmalade chefs out there who are more organized than me. I used only honey to sweeten it and I used orange juice for half the water. Just as my first cheese making was, the marmalade pitted me against my dark side, taking forever to cook and not setting up just as I’d have liked. But in the end it was a triumph, tasting awesome on toast. I think it will be a good sauce base for stir fry, too.

That’s the finished product in the jar








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