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Sourdough crumpets

Sourdough crumpets are delicious fermented foods! Amazing with raw pistachio butter and agave nectar!



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Cashew cheez

With the pulp left over from making cashew milk, I made this cashew cream cheez. It’s all to taste, so no real recipe. Lots of nutritional yeast, some garlic powder, salt, turmeric paste, lemon juice, yellow mustard powder, garlic powder, apple cider vinegar and braggs amino liquid. Yum!!


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Golden Cashew Milk

Been making yummy golden milk with turmeric and homemade cashew milk. Turmeric is good for reducing inflammation and most pain and disease processes involve inflammation so reducing it is good.

So far the best way has been to make a cooked paste with turmeric powder and water and putting it in the fridge to get our turmeric servings from that. The paste is thinner than toothpaste consistency, but definitely in the paste dept. The cooked paste is different from using the powder – it makes a tastier creamier milk. I also like raw turmeric root, but use it more in fresh juices.

Then, we make a pitcher of cashew milk in advance with cashews soaked in water for some hours, then blended with water, then strained. I have a nut milk bag to pour it into and squeeze. I use that bag in brewing wines and tons of other things so I recommend having one and they also would be easy to sew. I save the cashew pulp to make cashew cheez. There are lots of fabulous videos out there to make nut milks and turmeric paste and it’s really easy.

Store nut milk is fine too, it’s just that homemade tastes so much better and once you get the hang of doing it, it doesn’t really feel like work at all. While the tetrapaks that store non dairy milks are often BPA free, they are plastic lined and probably contain other endocrine disruptive plastic additives in the mix and I imagine there is some heated ‘canning’ process to keep it all sterile. Endocrine disruptive plastic chemicals are good to avoid when we can, especially anything involving heated plastics.

Anyway, to make the golden milk, we warm it in a pan. About a teaspoon of turmeric paste whisked together with a cup of cashew milk with some agave nectar. So nutty and creamy and good for a health drink! You can also add a few drops of a healthy oil if you want, like hemp oil.



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Blue corn atole


Atole is traditionally served as a drink, but I like to make it a little thicker as a breakfast porridge with hemp seeds mixed in after it’s cooked. It’s about 1 unit of corn to 3 units of water, but I’m always adjusting the ratio as I cook, adding more corn meal or water. I whisk it pretty consistently the whole time it’s cooking, adding a little coconut oil and honey or agave nectar to taste. It takes about 15-20 minutes of cooking on low flame to taste right to me. Cinnamon and other spices are nice but I just like the plain corn flavor. With Yerba mate to drink it’s a fabulous breakfast.

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January 2014 greenhouse!

I’m really pleased with the hoop house this season. We got the plastic up later than we intended this fall, but a lot of work on the bracing structure reduced the ‘thwapping’ in the wind. Reducing the air exchange also helped with the warmth overnight. I diligently packing-taped any hole and we added two more 55 gallon barrels full of water for a total of four to increase thermal mass. The plants are loving it!!




















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