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Live chocolate pie

Om nom nom. Raw chocolate pie. Live coconut cashew whipped “cream”. Nut crust. I made two. There are lots of good recipes out there for vegan raw cream pies. Fear not the Irish moss. Yeah, it’s seaweed, but this is miles beyond any cooked cows mill pudding pie. With this in the fridge you can eat a million vegetables.



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Chocolate banana panini

This type of dessert sandwich is ‘all the rage’ on the internets. It must be because its a pretty good idea. The panini first draft is nine grain sourdough bread, ripe bananas, a few drops of lemon juice for brightness, mini chocolate chips and walnuts with earth balance buttery spread on the outside. Then cook it in the George Foreman grill. Pretty yummy. I’ll have to keep experimenting with this formula!


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