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Live chocolate pie

Om nom nom. Raw chocolate pie. Live coconut cashew whipped “cream”. Nut crust. I made two. There are lots of good recipes out there for vegan raw cream pies. Fear not the Irish moss. Yeah, it’s seaweed, but this is miles beyond any cooked cows mill pudding pie. With this in the fridge you can eat a million vegetables.



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Fresh pineapple coconut smoothie

So delicious. Don’t let anyone tell you health food doesn’t taste good. Oh, the enzymes and the fiber!!!





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Smoothie popsicles

Took at break from the great spring backyard roundup today to make homemade smoothie popsicles. I got the molds a few years ago at a discount store. I used a blender full of several bananas, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries ( picked last summer), along with young coconut and pineapple juice pulp. I used hot water poured over the frozen fruit as the liquid to blend. Filled these up and there was enough for one more smoothie for right now. To get them out of the molds when they are frozen, I just run the mold under hot water for a sec and it slides out.



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Raw fruit and nut bar

I really love to eat Lara Bars and thought it would be fun to try and make some myself. But since I like to soak and sprout nuts, these cherry pie fruit and nut bars that I made are a little different in texture. If you wanted to make them more like the one you can buy, just don’t soak any ingredients. You could also use raw almond butter too, and mix it with the fruit in a food processor.


For my bars I used dried cherries, raw almonds, raw sunflower seeds, and dates. I think it was about 1 unit of almonds, 1.5 units of cherries, .5 units of sunflower seeds, and .5 -.75 units of dates. So, not as sweet as a the Lara Bar, which lists dates as the first ingredient. I used my Champion juicer and my Excalibur dehydrator.



First I soaked the cherries, nuts and seeds overnight. The cherries were pretty hard. I poured off the water. I had some to cherry nut water to drink and it was good!


Then, I added the dates and mixed it all up.


I put the ‘blank screen’ in the juicer so everything put into it comes out the pulp shoot and made the mixture into cherry date almond sun butter which tasted so amazing!


Looks pretty gross but it would have made a great spread in this form.


I had to dehydrate it because I soaked it, so it would keep better. If you chose not to soak it, I think it would form into bars really well, but this method left it a little too buttery. to me the health benefits of soaking are worth the extra steps.

I squished it into the screen covered with the Teflex sheet and scored it into bars with a butter knife. When it held it’s shape, I flipped it onto a screen with out the Teflex.


Then, later, I separated them onto several screens to dry better. I took a long time for them to get to a chewy consistency.


I put one batch in the fridge and one in the freezer and now its ready for my next snack time, hike or backpacking trip.


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Raw flax crackers

These are so delicious, and full of enzymes and all kinds of healthy stuff. And, they are really easy to make. It does work best with a fancy food dehydrator, the Excalibur! Also, you need a juicer, too.


The recipe is from this book. Lots of other raw food books have other recipes and they are pretty much the same. Also, in here a raw hazelnut chocolate cream pie with a nut crust. OMMNOMNOM!


The recipe calls for

2 1/2 cups of raw flax seeds, soaked for 8 hours

1 cup carrot juice

1 cup carrot pulp (left over from juicing)

salt and pepper

You can see that I added pumpkin seeds and chia seeds too. The chia makes it really gelatinous. I just use enough water so I won’t have to pour any off when I’m done. You can’t mess it up.


Once the seeds are soaked then you add the juice pulp,  juice and seasoning and mix it up with your hands.


Since I’ve been making them for a while I actually skip the juice now and use juice pulp that I have previously frozen from juicing. I want to drink the juice! For this batch I used carrot beet.


Here’s the mix.


The Excalibur dehydrator has these awesome Teflex sheets that you can spread really wet stuff on. Spread the mix in thin layers with your hands on the sheets. Wetting your fingers periodically really helps.  Then when its dry enough you can flip the cracker and peel the sheet off.


There is goes. Its done when its dry and crisp.


I got the dehydrator for $100 from someone on craiglist. Totally worth it and a major discount.


All done!


I also add soy sauce and dulse seaweed flakes sometimes. Its become my fav variation. Also, juice pulp that includes ginger, garlic or fresh tumeric root is wonderful too.

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JUICES…& strawberry, young coconut, and cashew shake

We did a juice fast yesterday and then had this for breakfast today. The strawberries were getting too ripe I guess and were on clearance for 99 cents a box at the health food store. Plus the water and meat of the young coconut, and cashew nut pulp left over from making cashew milk. We put it all through the champion juicer the the blank screen on so it just pulverized it all. We mixed it with the coconut water, and…OMG, delicious!



I didn’t get a pic of all the juices, but here are some. SO pretty!




Lots of beets, carrots, celery, kale, garlic, ginger, and fresh tumeric in there. I find that juices are really good for me. Wish I had the picture of the pineapple coconut juice!

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